What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field

There are 9 types of basic industry companies such as agricultural companies, mining companies, wood and pulp companies, extractive industries, oil industries, steel industries, metallurgical industries, as well as chemical industries. If you want to …

What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field

There are 9 types of basic industry companies such as agricultural companies, mining companies, wood and pulp companies, extractive industries, oil industries, steel industries, metallurgical industries, as well as chemical industries. If you want to know more about these basic companies in detail, then have a look below:

Basic Companies In Different Industries

1. Agricultural Companies

Agricultural-based companies are one of the main basic industries which supply food to households and many other places. Besides, these industries offer raw materials to hotel chains and restaurants like coffee, manufacturing, fruits, vegetables, as well as rice. The agricultural companies also ship the raw products to other companies to manufacture refined food products.

Mostly, agricultural companies work with large-scale and small-scale farmers all over the nation to search for the best food raw materials.

Agricultural Companies

On the other hand, agricultural companies can produce their raw materials by engaging in large-scale farming by purchasing land. In this agricultural field, you can work as, a horticulturist, agricultural engineer, plant or animal scientist, agronomist, food scientist, or farmer.

2. Mining Companies

Mining industries include health, auto, fashion, as well as construction industries. This lucrative sector explores various locations, prepares the ground, designs the mine site, and analyzes the profit potential. Later, they perform reclamation and extract the raw materials to maintain the land for mining.

The mining field offers various job opportunities, which are suitable for those who are looking for pre or post-mining processes.

Chemist, heavy equipment operator, mining electrician, geological engineer, as well as geoscientist are the most popular job profiles. Examples of minerals obtained through metallic mining are gold, silver, copper, lead, granite, marble, clay, Esmeralda, as well as sapphire.

3. Wood, Timber, and Pulp Companies

Wood and pulp companies harvest wood barks and other forestry products. Next, they do advanced manufacturing of these materials to convert them into refined raw materials.

Later, these raw materials are sent to manufacture or construct furniture and other items like hygiene products, packaging materials, books, tissues, as well as papers.

In this field, you can find various jobs like a logger, salesperson, paper mill operator, and researcher. Timber is processed through extraction and that is by planting, cutting, and felling of trees. Cellulose and construction materials are examples of products.

Now, let’s have a look at the examples of the other industries in the basic field in the table below:

Steel Industries

  • Irons
  • Steel tubes
  • Beams
  • Railroad rails
  • Pipelines

Metallurgical industries

  • Tin plates
  • Zinc alloys
  • Copper pieces
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Bronze pieces

Chemical industries

  • Methanol
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Acetylene
  • Ethylene
  • Nitric acid

Top 10 Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field

Below we have mentioned the 10 best companies that are in the basic industries field:

1. Cargill

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cargill is an agricultural-based company. This largest industry sector is established in over 70 countries and has more than 155,000 workers. The company’s operations include agricultural supply chain, bio-industrial solutions, food ingredients, as well as animal nutrition.


There are various employment opportunities in this company, such as operations, management, engineering, marketing, sales, nutrition, and finance.

2. Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation is said to be one of the best energy industries in the world, producing over one million barrels of oil daily. This company manufactures and transports oil to complete the energy demands of the world.


The most popular job profiles of this company are maintenance, operations, human resources department, as well as and engineering.

3. Procter & Gamble Company

Procter & Gamble (P&G) provides a big list of employment facilities that include beauty, grooming, fabric, home care, feminine, family care, etc.

Procter & Gamble Company

this company is also headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio serves in more than 73 countries. Besides, the company has 60 brands, and overall these brands bring annual revenue of $73 billion.

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4. International Paper 

International Paper (IP) produces renewable fiber-based packaging, paper, as well as paper pulp products.

These pulp products are used to make hygiene products like tissue, manufacture diapers, and more. Furthermore, the company has 50,000 employees and brings in annual revenue of $21 billion.

 International Paper 

5. DuPont de Nemours

Founded in 1802, DuPont de Nemours has today become one of the leading basic industries offering jobs in the supply chain, marketing, manufacturing, IT, safety, health, and engineering.

DuPont de Nemours

Moreover, the industry produces raw materials for big companies and partners with Corian Design, Great Stuff, Zytel, Delrin, Cyrel, and Kapton. Plus it has 23,000 employees and brings in annual revenue of $20 billion.

6. PPG Industries

PPG Industries is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and specializes in manufacturing specialty materials, optical products, coatings, and paints. Founded in 1883, today, this company has become one of the most known companies. It manufactures finished products and sells supplies and raw materials.

PPG Industries

7. Newmont Mining Corporation

Newmont Mining Corporation is a famous gold producer around the globe. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, this company has an overall 14,300 employees and rings in annual revenue of $11 billion. Apart from gold, the industry also produces silver, lead, and zinc.

Newmont Mining Corporation

8. Masco Corporation

Founded in 1929 by Alex Manoogian, and two more people, Masco Corporation distributes building and home improvement products. Their famous brands include Kichler, BEHR, Cobra, FranklinBrass, Delta, and BrassCraft.

Moreover, the company employs 18,000 individuals who can work as quality assurance inspectors, sales specialists, technicians, paint specialists, as well as milling operators.

9. Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air Corporation has created various popular brands like Cryovac food packaging Sealed Air, Autobag, Nexcel, and Bubble Wrap cushioning packaging. The annual revenue of the company is $5 billion and serves the equipment automation, food packaging, and health industries.

Sealed Air Corporation

10. Grasim Industries Ltd

Incorporated in 1947, Grasim Industries Limited has today become a leading company in VEF and the other largest chemical supplier in India. Furthermore, it has a presence in other things like fiber, textiles, and cement.

Grasim Industries Ltd

How To Get A Job In The Basic Industries Field?

Finding a job in any industry is a tough process that needs proper research, understanding, and preparation of the basic field. You must pursue the right education and qualifications to learn skills relevant to the job profile.

Let’s take a look to understand how to get a job in the basic industries field:

1. Decide Which Type Of Basic Industry You’Re Interested In

There are various kinds of basic companies and these companies provide all sorts of jobs, which suit the individual’s skills and interests.

Before joining the company, you need to do proper research in these sectors, understand each company, and choose one that suits your skills and likes. You can work in various fields like textiles, oil, metal production, mining, as well as agriculture. 

2. Get The Right Education

After choosing the sector you want, that might help you in your career path. It is up to you whether you want to pursue the education in online or offline mode.

There are many popular career opportunities for heavy machinery operators, steel fabricators, health care industry workers, agronomists, engineers, as well as horticulturalists.

3. Network

With the help of the right networking, it creates beneficial relationships and meets new people, who have similar interests and work for the same industry.

You can attend events, workshops, and seminars that are centered on the basic industries. GitHub and LinkedIn are the best networking sites through which you can learn to network and meet new people.

4. Specialize Your Resume

Your resume speaks on behalf of you so if you want to succeed in a job interview, create a stellar CV that has an impact on the interviewer. Make sure to revise it so that it matches each job application of the industry. However, do not use the same resume to apply for different job applications for basic industries.

5. Work On Your Confidence

Always be confident, if you want to succeed in the basic industries field. Prepare beforehand for the interviews so that you can answer questions with utmost confidence. It will prove to the interviewer that you are ready for the job.

What Are The Characteristics Of Basic Industries?

A basic industry or base industry is an industry that obtains and transforms raw materials from their initial phase. After it is moved from its primary phase, the companies create a semi-finished product that other companies use in the production of goods destined for the customer’s use.

In the basic industry, you need to know about certain aspects. Let’s check out the most common characteristics of basic industry. 

1. Raw Materials

In the initial phase, the basic industries are characterized by using and working with the help of raw materials.

2. Semi-finished products

These types of industries produce semi-finished products so that other kinds of the industry can take these semi-finished products and use them to manufacture them into final products.

3. Big investments, less competition

The basic industry produces heavy machinery, so the investment in the initial phase is pretty high. Moreover, limited companies are interested in entering the basic industry, with competition deficient. 

4. Highly qualified staff

Simple companies can thrive and function with personnel of all the skills levels. In the basic industry, the employees and other workers are highly qualified and trained to survive for a longer period.

5. Environmental impact

The basic industry generated a huge amount of waste like air, gas, and water wastes in the river streams. Thus, these chemicals released into the environment create danger for living beings.

Why Are Rudolph and Sletten a Good Place to Work?

Headquartered in San Carlos California and founded 6 decades back, the workers at Rudolph and Sletten have various kinds of benefits, which includes, paid holidays and vacations, retirement plans, as well as health and wellness benefits. This construction engineering company’s motto is to offer educational assistance, career development, and many other things to their employees.

The employees also enjoy other stuff like birthday celebrations, employee appreciation Fridays, pet insurance, legal assistance, as well as fitness club discounts. Talking about the employees’ behavior, they are fun, relaxed, smart, and participate in all sorts of off-campus learning programs, dinners, and evening gatherings.

Furthermore, this company also offers job opportunities for permanent employees and freelance construction workers. Individuals can work as project engineers, managers, estimators, coordinators, field engineers, or laser scanning specialists.

This organization has new applications as well as systems projects. So those who want to pursue a career in this construction industry, this is the right point where individuals like you can start. According to the sources, the annual revenue of Rudolph and Sletten is $650 million and there are between 500 to 1000 employees in the entire industry.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What are the job opportunities in the basic industries?

There are various career paths in the basic industry such as

  • agriculture (Agricultural production worker, Agronomist, Animal scientist, Food scientist, Plant scientist),
  • metalworking careers (Ironworker, Machinist, Metal Fabricator, Sheet metal worker, Tool & die technician),
  • chemical manufacturing (Chemical engineer, Chemical technician, Chemist, Materials scientist, and Plant operator),
  • hydraulic fracturing (fracking) industry (Geoscientist, Miner, Offshore/oil rig worker, Oil field worker, and Petroleum/geological engineer),
  • textile jobs (Machine operator, Textile converter, Textile designer, and Textile technician),
  • utility providers (Field installers/technician, Plant operator/technician, Utility engineer, Utility inspector, Wastewater treatment operator),
  • as well as Wood/Pulp Production (Logger, Sawyer, Woodworker, as well as Pulp/paper mill operator.

2. What are basic industries give an example of 3 marks?

A basic industry is an industry that supplies raw materials to manufacture other goods such as aluminum smelting, copper smelting, as well as iron, and steel.

3. What is an example of a nonbasic industry?

A non-basic industry mainly contains primarily small businesses that sell to non-basic businesses, basic businesses, and selling to local customers. An example of a non-basic industry is an individual working at a hardware store, a hairdresser, or a local retailer.

Other examples of non-basic businesses include convenience stores, diners, small consulting companies, as well as, service companies.

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