How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities?

There are a plethora of opportunities available in public utilities with the scope of growth graph that includes  different types of public utility jobs in different fields such as natural gas and electricity, water supply, …

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities?

There are a plethora of opportunities available in public utilities with the scope of growth graph that includes  different types of public utility jobs in different fields such as natural gas and electricity, water supply, and some different wastage removals. 

With that benign mentioned, it would be needless to say that  the public utility sector is one of the most important parts of our society. It provides fundamental activities to the public sector. 

And If we talk about the jobs in the public utility sectors then the jobs are rapidly increasing over the past few years. That plays a vital role in the US to fulfill the needs of people living there.

FurthermorePublic utility jobs are always the best option for people because of the stable working environment and long-term benefits that employees can enjoy. 

All the services that are compulsory to run a society come under the public utility sector and that’s why there is huge importance that the government gives to this particular sector. 

So, if you want to know the available jobs in the public utility sector then just stay with us in this article and get to know about the companies in this field. 

Departments In Public Utilities 

Water And Sewage Utilities Sector

Water and Sewage maintenance are one of the most important industries in the US. The organization works for different areas and the main work is to remove water from commercial and residential areas. 

Water And Sewage Utilities Sector

The wastewater is then used to clean it properly and then use  that clean water in an effective place. There is a complete treatment process of water that ensures clean and pure water. The whole sewage maintenance has a very hectic process and cannot be done easily. That’s why this industry always requires more employees to work than many other departments. 

Electric Power Utilities Sector

Electric Power Utilities Sector
how many jobs are available in public utilities

Electric Power is another important utility sector that has a lot of importance in the US. As we know every home or house in the US is highly dependent on electricity and the electricity utility sector is responsible to supply power in every state.

When it started, the total number of 172,000 employees were working but it has increased up to 7.5 million till now. 

So if you are also interested in this field then you can check the company’s career page regularly to know about the vacancies.  

It was also examined that this sector faced a huge crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic but now it is in the recovery position and new jobs are coming very frequently. 

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Natural Gas Utilities Sector

Natural Gas Utilities Sector
how many jobs are available in public utilities

Another important utility sector in the US is the Natural Gas sector. Today everyone is dependent on natural gas and petrol to drive their vehicles. 

ExxonMobil and Chevron are the main companies that are supplying Natural Gas to the whole country by more than 33%.

You will be surprised to know that this individual sector is providing 9.8 million jobs. 

As per some research, it is also concluded that by the end of 2025, there will be more than 1 million manufacturing jobs in this sector.

So if you are looking for public utility jobs then you should add this sector as your favorite.  You just need to check other companies’ profiles regularly to make things work for you. 

Available Opportunities In Public Utility Sector

 1. Renewable Energy Managers

Today, people are tending to switch to renewable sources to cut electricity from homes. That’s why the demand for renewable energy managers is increasing where they have the role to build some strategies to harness solar, water, wind, and other sources.

But here, users need to make sure to have a quality background in engineering, environmental science, or an advanced degree.  

Are Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

2. Electric Power Plant Managers

We can easily understand the role of engineering with the name of this job. The engineer has to manage the electric power plant and its whole operation. 

To get this job, a candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and also should have some years of experience in managing an electric power plant. The manager can get an approximate salary of $94,000 per year. 

3. Water Engineer

A water engineer has the responsibility to manage the design and construction of water supply and some other wastewater treatments. 

Apart from that, they also have to do some planning for other water resources. To get this job, a candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or any other related field. 

4. Energy Auditor

An energy Auditor has the responsibility to implement some strategies effectively that can improve the efficiency of the organization’s energy use. 

The strategies include deep audits, different plannings, and meeting up with other members of the organization to make things work for everyone.

Well, the need for an Energy Auditor may be in different segments whether it is a government agency, private business, or any NGO. 

5. Pipeline Inspectors

Pipeline Inspectors come up with the responsibility to do a proper inspection of the pipelines. They need to check for leaks, corrosion, quality, and all other measures that ensure the proper functioning of Pipelines. 

A Pipeline Inspector always has a good salary and they just need to have a certified high school diploma. In some instances, the company asks for the certification of the American Petroleum Institute. 

6. Natural Gas Distribution Managers

The Natural Gas Distribution Managers have to coordinate the distribution of natural gas across geographical areas for a company. 

They have to implement different plans and strategies that ensure the distribution of gas safely and efficiently. Apart from that, they need to monitor gas usage also. 

7. Hydroelectric Plant Technicians

So the technicians of the Hydroelectric Plant have the responsibility to harness the moving water into electricity and maintain a proper flow of it. They have to check things to ensure the plant is working smoothly. 

They will inspect every single thing including leaks, operation, and worn parts. This type of technician can earn an amount of $100,340 per year, it also depends on your skills. 

8. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

A Nuclear Licensing Engineer has the responsibility to provide licensing and all the regulatory support for a nuclear energy plant. They will ensure that all things are working as per our expectations. 

You need to work with the commission to implement some new codes that work with regulatory standards.

9. Gas Controller

A gas controller has the responsibility to make sure that the people living in the US are getting an optimum level of Gas. As a controller, you need to monitor various things such as pipelines and have to make sure that no problem occurs. 

They need to prepare for every emergency and have to make plans accordingly. Sometimes, they also have to adjust the settings like pressure, temperature, etc. 

10. Substation Engineer

The substation Engineer has the technical role to create designs for the substation Engineer and has to work with the team to finalize all the other schematics. 

As Substation Engineers, they need to generate designs and have to work on documents. Have to facilitate the task with engineering software and have to make full efforts by coordinating with team members. 

11. Power Lineman

Well, a Power Lineman also has a good pay job in the US and has the responsibility to support the operations by maintaining and installing the electrical lines. 

While playing the role of a power lineman, they need to bring the equipment with them to fix all the repairs timely. They also need to find the defective items in the system and have to do a proper inspection to remove all the hassles.

Even, they need to prepare for every situation whether to climb the pole or transmission towers. 

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What Is An Average Pay Of A Utilities Worker?

What Is An Average Pay Of A Utilities Worker?
how many jobs are available in public utilities

The average pay of a utility worker in the US is $82,171 per year, which is quite sufficient to make life happier. An average utility employee gets $43.7 per hour for every well. 

Well, the salary of a worker depends on the position they have and how much experience they are carrying with them. Everyone has to start with a minimal amount but the amount rises as per experience. 

So, this is just a calculation of the average pay of a utility worker. A person can move to the manager or supervisor position after working hard for some years. 

The best thing is that the government is providing various types of benefits to utility employees, so it is always a good option.

The company wants high school diplomas from the candidates to join the company. While some companies demand training or certification to provide them with this field of job. They also provide retirement plan benefits to their employees. 

Well, the answer is pretty clear: the person getting the opportunity to work in public utilities should take the benefit of this path. 

I don’t think there will be someone who rejects the offer of public utilities when you are getting a huge amount. The best thing about this field is that people have to work in an enclosed environment full of safety and trust. 

Public Utilities is always the best opportunity to work without any hassles and also get some amazing benefits. A candidate has to deal with innovative projects and ideas to bring themselves to this industry. 

Users can take the advantage of working in this field because of immense growth and build some real connections with other workers. So the direct answer is that the public utility always offers a good career path to the users. 

Frequent00ly Asked Questions

1. What Comes Under Public Utilities?

Ans. Different things come under Public Utilities such as Generators that mainly help to produce different types of products and services to make life a bit easier for the customers.

We can say that public utilities are those business undertakings that are a necessity for our society. It includes the supply of water, gas, transport, electricity, power, etc. 

2. What Utility Jobs Pay The Most?

Ans. Many utility jobs can pay you a good amount such as Renewable Energy Managers, Electric Power Plant Managers, Water engineers, Energy auditors, Radiation engineers, Has controllers, etc. 

3. What Industries Are In The Utility Sector?

Ans. All the industries that are dealing with the services of water, electricity, and gas in the utility sector are important services that play a vital role in economic development. 

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